The V7M is fantastically brash and overstated


A stack of button configurations and a software setup playground


160kb on-board memory means more configurations and player profiles to save

Pricing and Availability

Great price if you can find a place to get it

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We Like

Great price

Looks great and brutish

Lots of buttons, a configurators dream

We Don't Like

Have to pay for the 3rd core to be activated via software upgrade

Feels like cheating when you have the 3rd core

A4Tech Bloody V7M Gaming Mouse Review

A4Tech Bloody V7M Technical Specifications

Measurements:  77 x 122 x 32 mm (L x W x H)
Sensor: Optical Engine
Weight: 150g

A4Tech Bloody V7M Angled Side View

There are some gaming mice that are sleekly built and very understated. The A4Tech V7M Multi Core gaming mouse is not one of them. This is a brash reminder that to win at gaming you sometimes have to go one better than everyone else and cheat your way to the top.

This mouse is for the sole purpose of giving you an unfair advantage pon shooters, nothing else.

A4Tech Bloody V7M Mouse Design

A4Tech Bloody V7M Gaming Mouse Side by SideOn first look the V7M mouse looks great, it’s menacing and is made from metal and plastic. There is a mixture of matte and glossy material on this mouse. The matte parts are always covered by your hand so that you always have superior grip. The gloss shines through in a stark contrast.

As harsh as the edges on this mouse is, the comfort is great and is juxtaposed to it’s serial killer look. The left side of the mouse supports the thumb perfectly with ridges and the right hand side of the mouse has a special spot for the ring and pinky fingers so as to not strain any digits.

Thanks to the metal x’glide armor shoe the mouse glides like butter over any surface. No jerkiness, just pure unadulterated smooth movements.

Bloody V7M Gaming Mouse Features

V7M Gaming Mouse Top DownThe V7M has 8 buttons, 7 programmable ones and the mouse wheel button. As usual the left hand button has forward and back buttons as standard, just like the majority of gaming mice nowadays.

Below the mouse wheel you also have 3 extra buttons, 1,N and 3. These buttons give you the upper hand in shooters. These unlock various special operations shooting such as burt mode and continuous shooting mode with strafing. This can give you a massive advantage in FPS with some amazing results.

It’s unsure whether you can still use this mouse in professional tournaments as it is a moral dilemma whether you should really be using a software advantage to win matches compared to true determination, grit, skill and practice.

A4Tech V7M Mouse Performance

A4Tech Bloody V7M PromoThe A4Techs V7M ‘tracking optical engine’ ranges from 200 – 3200 DPI and tracks at 75 IPS (Inches per Second) with a polling rate of1000 Hz (1ms).

It may not sound like a lot of DPI but in the majority of cases it’s rare for most gamers to go any higher than this, and with the addition of the advantage of software tweaks like with this mouse it may not be needed anyway.

The 160k on-board memory serves to be able to save gaming profiles through the software which is downloadable for the Bloody website.

A4Tech Bloody V7M Price & Availability

A4Tech Bloody V7M Gaming Mouse BoxExceptionally hard to get hold of but dirt cheap for a gaming mouse that can really up your FPS game. If you can find it then it’s worth picking one up at a competitive price.