Best Mouse for Fortnite

Fortnite, is currently the biggest phenomenon in gaming and has taken the world by storm. Titles like PUBG and Call of Duty: Blackout offer pretty stiff competition, but Fortnite is still far and away the reigning champ in the Battle Royale sub-genre of gaming.

Starting out on the PC, Fortnite has since expanded to home consoles, the Nintendo Switch, and even mobile. But the definitive version of Fortnite is without a doubt the PC experience, and unless you’re playing on PC, you are selling yourself short.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Fortnite may not be your standard FPS, but an FPS it still is, and that’s a genre that was made, and is best played via PC. Keyboard and mouse are more responsive, and allow for quicker reactions and aiming. On top of that, you have building, the aspect of Fortnite that separates it from all other Battle Royale titles (Fortnite clones notwithstanding).

There are some noteworthy console players, such as Nickmercs, Upshall, and Gronky, but at the end of the day, even the best builders on console don’t compare to PC players. That’s just the way it works. So, if you are looking to be the best Fortnite player you can possible be, then grab a PC and invest in the best mouse for Fortnite.

A gaming mouse is an indispensable tool for any PC gamer and as such, you want to make sure that you purchase a top tier mouse. Priorities can vary depending on the video game genre, but for an FPS like Fortnite, you should be aiming for a mouse that is lightweight, and has a great sensor. There are tons of good options to choose from, but luckily for you, we’ve already done the work and narrowed down the playing field. Here is a list of the best gaming mouse for Fortnite.


Is the Logitech G Pro Wireless the Best Mouse for Fortnite

best fortnite mouse


  • Logitech’s Hero Sensor is the best on the market
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Lightweight; includes 10-gram weight if you prefer heavier mice
  • Ambidextrous
  • Latency tests just as well as wired competitors
  • Onboard memory



Logitech has been the dominant brand in the wireless gaming mouse market for quite some time, and with the G Pro Wireless, may have made the perfect wireless mouse.

Notable issues with wireless gaming mice, include latency issues, weight, and battery life. With the G Pro Wireless, none of these are a concern. Latency tests show the G Pro being comparable to wired brethren with performance being top notch. Logitech have switched to a lighter battery with this model, which is largely responsible for the G Pro Wireless weighing in at a mere 80 grams. This is light even for wired mice, but definitely an achievement for wireless mice. You can also drop the weight 77 grams if you remove the bottom panel.

Logitech’s Hero optical sensor is by far the best on the market, competing with the PMW 3366 and 3360, but the Hero sensor consumes 10X less power, making it far more efficient. DPI can scale up to 16,000 and scales in increments of 50. Adjustments can be made via Logitech’s software, or with the DPI button located on the bottom which ensures the elimination of accidental clicks. This mouse also sports onboard memory which is always a plus, especially for pro gamers.

Clicks are nice and responsive, and the side buttons are modular and can be easily removed and or replaced. The G Pro Wireless is also an ambidextrous mouse which is great since top of the line ambidextrous mice are not easy to come by.

As far as battery life goes, the G Pro Wireless is best in class. With RGB lighting enabled, you can expect around 48 hours of continuous use. With RGB lighting disabled, the battery life increases to around 60 hours.

There isn’t much to complain about with the G Pro Wireless; Logitech has been making great strides in the gaming mice market over the past few years, and the G Pro Wireless may be their best mouse yet.

The biggest complaint with the G Pro Wireless, is far and away, the price. Wireless gaming mice in general have always been pretty expensive; Logitech wireless mice in particular. Just like the G903 before it, the G Pro Wireless will set you back a pretty penny; $150 to be exact. Black Friday may offer up some good discounts, but don’t get your hopes up. This is what a top tier mouse looks like and if you want it, you have to be willing to pay the price.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that this mouse isn’t the most suitable for palm grip gamers out there. Fingertip and Claw grip gamers will be fine, but if Palm is your grip style of choice, you will probably want to look elsewhere.

A few years ago, there was a heavy stigma around wireless gaming mice. They cost more than they were worth, were too heavy, had latency issues, and were just all-around inferior to wired mice when it came to latency. This is no longer the case. Wireless gaming mice nowadays are excellent, and there’s no reason not to try them anymore. The G Pro Wireless is easily one of, if not the best gaming mouse currently on the market. Used by pros like TSM Myth and SypherPK, if you’ve got the cash, then it is well worth the investment.


Finalmouse Ultralight Phantom

best gaming mouse for fortnite


  • 67 grams; extremely lightweight
  • Cable has been vastly improved over the Ultralight Pro
  • Top of the line optical sensor
  • Snappy clicks


  • Weight may take getting used to
  • No RGB LED
  • Always sold out; can be hard to buy


Finalmouse is easily one of the best brands on the market when it comes to gaming mice, and if you don’t know why, look no further than the Ultralight Phantom. This mouse isn’t used by Ninja and Tfue for nothing.

The Phantom is near-identical to the older Ultralight Pro with the exception of the cable. The cable for the Ultralight Pro was one of the biggest complaints, as it isn’t very flexible and leaves a lot to be desired. The cable on the Phantom however, is outstanding.

Finalmouse has also maintains their standard for lightweight mice, with The Phantom, weighing in at around 67 grams. Few competitors can come close to such a lightweight, and it is something that Finalmouse is known for.

Clicks on this mouse are snappy and responsive, and you should not have any issues with accidental clicks. It also sports an ambidextrous design, so it can be used by lefties.

The optical sensor here, is the PMW 3360 which is top of the line. It’s not as good as Logitech’s Hero Sensor, but there’s nothing really to complain about.

If you are interested in purchasing the Ultralight Phantom, then you really need to be on top of your game. Finalmouse products are very popular, and are often out of stock which can make them a bit tricky to get your hands on.

It should also be noted that this is a performance over appearance gaming mouse. The new paint splatter design is cool, but the honeycomb design which is responsible for the low weight, isn’t for everyone. There is also no RGB lighting options if that is something you can about. Finalmouse gaming mice don’t use software, and The Phantom comes with standard 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 DPI options.

The Ultralight Phantom might not be the best looker, but it is definitely one of the best performers and significantly less expensive than the G Pro Wireless. If you favor wired mice, then this is definitely one of your best options.


SteelSeries Rival 600

best mouse for fortnite


  • Great shape and comfortable design
  • Awesome RGB lighting options
  • Comes with 8 4-Gram weights if you prefer heavier mice
  • Extra left-hand side button comes in handy


  • Rubber cable instead of braided
  • Side pads quality control issues
  • Small hands may have issues fully utilizing it


Rounding out our top three, is the SteelSeries Rival 600. Another favorite of pros and streamers a like, the Rival 600 is one comfortable mouse thanks largely in part to the comfort grooves.

The Rival 600 has what is my opinion, the best RGB lighting options out there, with several customizable zones that you can fill in with your own gradient options. It looks really cool and for RGB enthusiasts, this is definitely a mouse to keep in mind.

The sensors on board here, are the TrueMove 3 Optical Sensor and the Optical Depth Sensor used for lift off detection. Not best in class, but definitely top tier. CPI can scale up to 12,000 and scales in increments of 100. It has 7 customizable buttons, including a nice top side button on the left-hand side which can come in handy. 7 buttons are enough to give you a lot of options, not so much as to overwhelm you. Clicks are nice and responsive and the split trigger system does its job well.

The Rival 600 does a good job in weight compromise. It comes in at around 98 grams, which isn’t the lightest but light enough, and also comes with 8 4-gram weights that you can add in.

This is a pretty big mouse, so keep that in mind if you have small hands. The added button on the left-hand side can be pretty hard to reach if you don’t have large hands. The rubber pads on the side give some people issues and sometimes can cause you to lose your grip. This varies from person to person. There are also some quality control issues with these side pads, as many have reported the glue coming off which forces them to replace the mouse.

A lot of gamers prefer braided cables over rubber, so if you are one of these people. keep in mind this mouse uses a rubber cable. If you purchase the Rival 600 from SteelSeries’ website, you can get a free Mouse Bungee which helps.

All in all, the Rival 600 is one of the best gaming mouse options, especially for gamers who prefer heavy mice (Which is not recommended for FPS games, but such gamers do exist). It’s very comfortable, has some of the most responsive clicks, and possesses one of the most aesthetically appealing designs out there.


Best Cheap Gaming Mouse Option: Logitech G102/G203

best mouse sensitivity for fortnite


  • G Pro except cheaper
  • Sensor is excellent regardless of price range
  • Great shape and comfortable design
  • Better cable than the G Pro


  • Doesn’t come in red
  • People with large hands may have issues


If you can’t afford one of the higher-end mice, or if you’re just not sure if you want to make the full transition into PC Master Race, then you will probably want to start off with an inexpensive mouse. I understand entirely; when I first started PC gaming, my first gaming mouse was the Redragon M601, which cost me all of 12 bucks. We all need to start somewhere right?

If a cheap gaming mouse is what you are looking for, then look no further than the Logitech G102/203. They are the same mouse, but are sold in different regions. I am primarily suggesting the G203, since it is currently $26.59 whereas the G102 is $35-$40 at the moment. In America at least.

Both mice are essentially Logitech’s iconic G Pro, except they are cheaper, have better cables, and use a different (But still excellent) sensor. And yes, that’s a very good thing.

The shape is great for all palm grips and it is comfortable to use. The cable is much improved and solves the issues people had with the G Pro cable. Both mice use the Mercury optical sensor, but it performs so well, that you can’t even tell that it’s not a PMW 3360. Considering the price tag, this is an amazing achievement on Logitech’s part.Clicks are good, and DPI can be scaled up to 6000.

There is very little to complain about with these gaming mice. No other mice in this price range come close to the level of quality on hand here, as these are good enough to even be main gaming mice. The only negative I can think of, is that they are quite small, so if you have Paul Bunyan hands, you might engulf these mice. Other than that, I can only recommend these mice again and again.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing gaming mice

  • Higher DPI doesn’t mean it’s a better mouse.

Don’t be fooled by 16,000 DPI spotlights. Being able to scale up to 16,000 DPI does not make a mouse better than one that only scales up to 3200 DPI. In fact, most gamers don’t use DPI above 1000.

  • Understand what grip style you use and that not every mouse is for you

There are three grip styles: Palm, Claw, and Fingertip. Depending on which one you use, some gaming mice simply won’t work out for you. And yes, that includes some top gaming mice options.

Luckily, there are so many great options to choose from, that this won’t be a big deal at all. There are top of the line gaming mice for every grip style.

  • Make sure to factor in hand size and weight preference when choosing a mouse

Similarly, to grip style, hand size is also an important factor to take into consideration when selecting your gaming mouse. If you hand is small, some mice will be too big for you to use and you will have issues reaching certain buttons. If your hands are big, then some mice will be far too small for you to use unless you channel your inner The Claw from Toy Story, and use an unnaturally elevated claw grip. Again, not an issue. There are plenty of options for everyone to choose from no matter the hand size.

Another thing to keep in mind, is the weight of your mouse. Generally, lighter is better for FPS games, but some people do prefer heavy mice. It’s not easy finding strictly heavy mice so simply find mice that come with additional weights that you can add in.

Lighter is better for most, but a mouse might be too light, and if that ever happens, try adjusting your sensitivity.

  • If you prefer key bindings to be to your mouse and not your keyboard, get a mouse with a lot of customizable buttons

Having your key binds keyed to your mouse can be the difference between winning a build fight and losing it. This is all personal preference, but if you’re not much of a keyboard person, buy a mouse with a lot of customizable buttons for you to work with.

A favorite amongst pros and streamers, is the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum. It comes with 11 customizable buttons and 5 3.6-gram weights that you can add in.