Same trusty shape of the Storm Sentinel


A great EasyShift+ style button monickered as the TX Storm giving double the amount of buttons


Up to 8200 DPI thanks to the updated Avago 9800 laser sensor

Pricing and Availability

Reasonably priced but damn near impossible to find anywhere that stocks it

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We Like


Option for 5 x 4.5g weights to fine-tune your gaming

Lots of buttons and also with the use of TX Storm gives you extra!

We Don't Like

Buttons quality seems a bit on the low side

The scroll wheel seems flimsy

Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Advance II Review

CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Technical Specifications

Measurements: 3.3 x 5.3 x 1.6 inches (L x W x H)
Sensor: Avago 9800 Laser
Weight: 139g

CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Review

The original CM Storm Sentinel was a great mouse that ticked the majority of boxes when it came to what you wanted for your gaming needs. Comfort, check! Macros, check! Affordable, check!

So what does the new one have to offer? This Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Advance II review will show you the updates which they’ve made.

Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Advance II Mouse Design

You would be forgiven for having to double-take the new Sentinel gaming mouse as it looks nearly identical to the original. In fact, it pretty much is.

The design offers a comfortable palm grip mouse made from grey plastic with a black plastic trim. It doesn’t feel too cheap though as your hands fit snugly over it’s curved body.

A sleeved cable is also as standard and offers a level of protection needed in modern gaming rigs nowadays.

There are a total of 8 programmable buttons; left and right click buttons, forward and back buttons on the left hand side, 2 DPI buttons and a profile button on each side of the scroll wheel.

CM Storm Sentinel Advance II side buttons and thumb supportThere is a handy thumb rest on the left hand side of the mouse and also a resting area for the ring and pinky finger on the right hand side to prevent fatigue.

You can have the option of having lights on the front of the mouse and also on the logo on top of the mouse. This can all be altered via the Cooler Master software, available directly from the Cooler Master website.


CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Features

The back button on the left hand side of the mouse shows the TX Storm logo which also acts as a sort of shift key, not unlike the EasyShift+ button on the Roccat mice. This gives extra depth to your gaming as you can have double the amount of keys, which can all be programmed to execute macros and scripts.

The software update has also meant that the number of saveable macros has increased from 18 -60.

CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Weight optionsAnother, almost essential, feature of any gaming mouse is the adjustable weighting allowed in the mouse, giving you ultimate control of your gaming experience.  This gives you five 4.5g discs that you can insert from the underside of the mouse in any combination.


Performance of the CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Mouse

The new Avago 9800 laser sensor offers a greater DPI range compared to the old Phillips Twin-eye sensor, increasing the range from 200-5600 DPI to 200-8200 DPI. The new sensor can also register a movement of up to 150 inches per second (IPS), compared to the 115 of the original Sentinel mouse.

The 128k on-board memory means that more macros, adjustments and profiles can be stored on-the-fly. Ultimately you can arrange your profiles the way you want, download them to your mouse and then unplug and transfer to a different system.

The Sentinel Advance II has a 1000Hz/ms polling rate so feels very responsive.


Price & Availability of the CM Storm Sentinel II

CM Storm Sentinel Advance II BoxAt the time of writing it’s very difficult to get this mouse anywhere and as such you may find that the price has been inflated for that fact.



The software package is downloadable from the Coolermaster website and unlocks the options to allocate commands, macros and scripts to the 8 programmable buttons.

It’s very easy to use and allocate as you need to and there is even a storage locker feature which allows you to keep unused gaming profiles saved in the locker for later use.