How to Get Good at Fortnite with these Tips and Tricks

This article serves to tell you how you can up your game playing and find out how to get better at Fortnite. What makes Fortnite the best Battle Royale game out there, is the complexity behind the simplicity. Fortnite isn’t your standard run and gun FPS game; there’s a lot you need to master if you want to become a top player.

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I won’t be delving into advanced skills such as double ramp rushing, no-scoping, quick-editing etc. Because when it comes down to it, most advanced techniques in Fortnite don’t necessarily need to be mastered and or fully utilized by your average player. But don’t be decieved into thinking that this is a Fortnite beginners guide, because it isn’t.  A lot of heavy users can glean some Fortnite tips from this guide. Have you ever noticed how pro players and streamers massacre regular players? It’s not just because the pros are that good, it’s also because many of the players they face, aren’t. You don’t need the skills of Ninja to dominate in Fortnite, you just need to know how to get good at Fortnite.

And more importantly, building a solid foundation is key to success in anything. Before you learn to run, you need to learn to walk. Most players are average at best, because they haven’t mastered the fundamentals; you need to know how to be good at Fortnite before you can be better.  Walk before you can run!  And that’s what we’ll be talking about today. Here are five tips to help you up your game in with these Fortnite tips and tricks.

how to get better at fortnite

1. Build Your Confidence is how to get Good at Fortnite

If you want to know how to get better at Fortnite then the first thing a player needs to do, is build up his or her confidence in his or her abilities. After all, unconfident players, are the ones that are most prone to making panic plays; wild firing in every direction when a camper takes a pot shot at you, getting overly worried when you’re in a build fight and running low on mats, panicking when three other players have dropped in your near vicinity etc.

One of the biggest mistake new players to Fortnite make, is immediately aiming for the win, when they should be aiming on getting better. Constantly losing over and over again, is a sure way to demoralize a person, and when you go in over your head every single match, that’s bound to happen.

That’s why for new players, I highly recommend avoiding hot zone drop spots, such as Tilted Towers, Kevin’s Kingdom, or Paradise Palms (Specifically the residential area in the center). The often non-stop engagements that go on here, will be too much for neophytes of Fortnite to handle.

Instead, I recommend that you drop in low-risk, high-reward areas, such as Flushed Factory, Wailing Woods, and Snobby Snores, and Lucky Landing. These places are all pretty dead, but are packed with loot, chests, and resources to harvest. At most, you can expect one or two players at Wailing Woods, Snobby Snores, and Lucky Landing 2-3 games out of 10, but Flushed Factory is arguably the deadest area in Solo. I cannot remember the last time where I dropped here and I wasn’t alone.

The benefit in dropping in low-risk, high-reward areas, is the ability to build up a great load out, and have an abundance of resources before you rotate to another area. Pro players may be able to make due with a grey pistol or green burst AR, but a newbie is more than likely screwed if that’s all they are equipped with. Dropping into low-risk, high reward areas will give you the chance to get an advantage over some of the competition by having better weapons at your disposal. Not to mention full shield, and if you’re lucky, launch pads and or rifts-to-go.

Another benefit to dropping in one of these areas, is the ability to comfortably farm and max out your mats. In a crowded area like Tilted Towers, most players will be able to farm a couple hundred mats from the building they drop at, but then quickly use them up in fights. And that’s a good thing, for you that is. As Obi-Wan Kenobi perfectly displays at the conclusion of his epic clash with the fallen Anakin Skywalker, having the high ground provides you with a massive advantage in combat. It can mean the difference between winning and losing a fight.

Not only that, but farming up to max materials early on, really helps out if you run into a player who begins pushing you heavily with an SMG, Assault Rifle or Minigun, as you can continue to rebuild walls to defend yourself, while they waste all of their ammo.

how to get good at fortnite

A new mechanic introduced to the standard game modes of Battle Royale this season, has caused a lot of players to stop farming; or at least caused them to stop farming as heavily. You will notice that a lot of players you kill, have little to no mats after you drop them. This means that if you haven’t been farming mats, you’ll have to spend some time in the middle/end-game farming, when you should be focusing on reaching the final circle and building up a strategical position.

Dropping in low-risk, high reward areas will give you the load out and the materials to have an edge over players who drop in hot zones and spend more time fighting and less time building themselves up. Doing this can very well help you secure your first win. It did for me.

One thing to keep in mind when doing this, is that 95% of your matches will likely be continuously running to stay in the circle, and the last 5% will be player engagement. The drawback to dropping at locations on the edge of the map is that you will almost always have to make a very long trek to make the storm circle, but that’s the price you pay. Everyone has to start somewhere right?

2. Aim for Kills First not Wins: Master Close Quarters Engagement

After you have built up your confidence by utilizing the above strategy and winning a game or, two, then next thing you should do in order to get better at Fortnite, is forget about winning.

That might sound like a bit of confusing advice. But honestly, when it comes down to it, no win in solos feels as good as your first victory. Once you get better, you’ll be racking up wins and not even think about it. But in order to reach that peak, you need to learn how to fight.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise since Battle Royale comes down to the last man standing, but the reason most people who consistently managed to make it to the Top 5, Top 3, or final two always lose, is because they aren’t good at engagement. If you want to be great at Fortnite, you need to know how to engage.

Sure, some final fights will consist of battles with snipers or players who just spam rockets at you, but most of the time, you’re going to be up against people looking to double-barrel you in the face, or turn you into paste with an SMG. And in order to do so, they need to get up close and personal.

how to be good at fortnite

How can you improve your engagement skills you may ask? Simple: Drop in hot zones like Tilted Towers, Kevin’s Kingdom, and Paradise Palms. Every. Single. Match. And I don’t mean maybe 10-20 matches. I mean dozens; possibly hundreds if that’s what it takes.

Drop in an area and there’s four players in the near vicinity? Your knee-jerk reaction is to tuck tail and hide? Forget that. Turn around and fight them.

See a player a short ways away that you could easily snipe down. Don’t. Take out your shotgun and rush them.

In order to get better at engagement, you need to engage. Constantly. Fortnite isn’t like riding a bike. If you don’t engage consistently, then your skills will deteriorate. So for the time being, forget about winning. Fortnite isn’t a MOBA; forget about objectives, and just aim for kills.

Doing this, was arguably the single most important thing I did in order to up my game in Fortnite. Dropping in Tilted Towers every match is what helped increase my usual kill count from 1-2 with an occasional 3, to 6-9 with the occasional 10-11. Getting comfortable at engaging also plays a part in solidifying your confidence in your abilities as a player since people unskilled in engaging tend to lose their cool when doing so.

fortnite tipsAs you could have guessed from my previous remark, Tilted Towers is the place to go to improve your engagement skills. To this day, it is still the most crowded area in the game. Other hot zones like Kevin’s Kingdom, Paradise Palms, and Salty Springs also work. I would however, discourage rookie players from trying this out at Kevin’s Kingdom initially however, due to the paltry amount of loot and chests located there.

And if you really want to take it up a notch, try Duos or Squads mode, and play solo. Getting a solo win in either of these modes is the peak of satisfaction in this game.


3. Optimize your Load-Out: Learn what Weapons do and When and Where to Use Them

Now that you’ve built up your confidence as a player have become adept at the art of engagement, then next thing you will want to do is optimize your load out. Figure out what specific weapons are best at, and what weapons work best for you.

Weapons in Fortnite, can be divided into seven categories: Pistols, SMGs, Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and Explosives. Every category aside from Machine Guns, contain multiple weapons. The important thing to understand, is that these weapons are not equal; they vary in damage, firing rate, damage drop off at long distance, and reload time amongst other things. If you want to take your game to the next level, then you need to take all these factors into account when building up your optimal load out.

fortnite tips and tricks

Take for example the SCAR, and the Suppressed SCAR. Being silenced, isn’t the only difference between the SCAR and the Suppressed variant. The SCAR has significantly better DPS, as well as better damage than the Suppressed. Making it the better option for engagements. However, as a caveat, it is affected by bloom a lot more than the Suppressed.

The Suppressed has worse Damage and DPS, but has significantly less bloom than its’ non-silenced counterpart. As a result, crack shots might prefer the Suppressed, as it rewards accuracy and precision, and there’s less chance of bloom screwing you over. And as you would expect giving that it is silenced, it’s much better for when you have the drop on someone and want to eliminate them quietly. If you are up close, suppressed weapons can destroy walls without a sound, and you can switch to a more powerful close quarters weapon like a shotgun to take them out. And if you’re firing from long-distance, not only will it take them longer to figure out where you’re firing from, but any other nearby players will also be none the wiser to your location as well.

Another good example of weapons of the same type varying significantly, is shotguns. All shotguns are good at close range, but the Double-Barrel Shotgun and Tactical Shotgun ae superior to the Heavy Shotgun and Pump Shotgun for in your face engagements. The Double-Barrel does way more damage than any other shotgun, and the Tac Shotgun has the best compromise between firing rate and magazine size. The Double-Barrel is the best close-quarters weapon, as thanks to its’ high damage output, 2 shots is enough to kill anyone even if you don’t aim for the head.

The Heavy Shotgun and Pump Shotgun are much better at close-mid range combat than the Double-Barrel or Tac Shotgun. The Heavy Shotgun is bar-none the best all-around shotgun, and the Pump is better than the Double-Barrel or Tac Shotgun when you’ve got some distance between you and the enemy. Keep in mind that all shotguns can be pretty inconsistent damage wise, and you may get bizarre 20s or 30s at close range. This makes accuracy very important when using shotguns, so always aim for the head. All shotguns also have insane damage drop off starting at mid distance, and will starting dealing single-digit damage.

fortnite beginners guide

Sniper Rifles are arguably the most acquired taste weapon in the game. If you miss your shot, then you’ve exposed yourself and your position when you could’ve just gotten some pot shots in with an assault rifle instead. Not only that, but when it comes to sniper rifles, you also need to become accustomed to the bullet drop off of each gun. But they do have their benefits, since a single headshot from every variety aside from the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle, can kill a fully shielded and HP target.

The best Sniper Rifle, is by far the Heavy Sniper Rifle. It can dish out a whopping 157 damage if you hit a target anywhere outside the head, and can pierce through structures. Not only that, but it has significantly less bullet drop off than the other sniper rifles.

The worst Sniper Rifle is by far the Hunting Rifle. It has no traditional scope, and as such makes landing your shots and determining bullet drop off a lot harder. It also does far less damage outside headshots when compared to the Heavy Sniper Rifle, and the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle.

A strategy that I personally like to use occasionally, at least early to mid-game, is the double sniper strategy. First, hit a target with a heavy-hitting rifle like the Heavy or Bolt-Action, then switch to the Semi-Auto Sniper to finish them off. This is more a strategy I use just for fun, since you should always be aiming for headshots, which are OHKOs aside from the Semi-Auto.

Keep in mind that to effectively use this strategy, to use a hard-hitting rifle and then semi-auto, not two hard-hitting rifles. The Semi auto’s faster firing rate and superior magazine size lets you put on the pressure. Targets will likely start strafing and jumping to avoid taking more damage and only having one shot per magazine puts you at a disadvantage in this situation.

Moving on to SMGs, all you need to know, is to use these at close to close-mid range only. Anything beyond that, are the damage drop off turns them into pea shooters. These are very effective weapons and arguably the easiest to use when you are up close and personal. If you aren’t too skilled at landing headshots with shotguns yet, pick up the nearest SMG and let it loose. The “Spray and Pray” Meta, which was most prevalent last season, and still prevalent this season, exists due to SMGs.

After the universal buff to SMGs, every weapon in this category is outstanding, but the Compact SMG is far and away the best, and upon release, single-handedly broke the game and was nerfed a day later. The Suppressed SMG has been vaulted, leaving the standard SMG as the only other option in this category. Again, it is good, but not nearly as good as the P90.

For explosives, the two main ones to keep in mind, are the Quad-Launcher, and the standard Rocket Launcher as they are best in class. The important thing to remember with these, is that they are best used towards the end game. You might think that dropping into Tilted Towers and finding a Rocket Launcher is a good thing, but it’s best to save it. The most effective use of explosives is applying pressure by spamming. Early-game, you’ll have very few rocket ammo and it’s not easy to come by. Wasting ammo early on when there’s plenty of structures and protection around to keep enemies save from your rockets is not a good idea.

The Grenade Launcher is also good, but trickier to use, and while require the mastering of rebound shots in order to best utilize it. Clingers, Grenades, and Stink Bombs all have their uses, but are generally just very early game options, as none of them are worth an inventory slot mid to late game. By that point, you should have much better options at your disposal.

The Guided Rocket Launcher, might as well be Vaulted, considering the fact that it’s arguably the rarest weapon in the game (Or at least seems that way). Chances of you running to this weapon are slim, and the easier to find Rocket Launcher is better anyway.

Rounding out the weapons categories, are pistols. Most are quite useable, with the exception of the Hand Cannon, which is pretty terrible. It uses Heavy Bullets instead of Light and Medium like the other pistols. Heavy Bullets aren’t as plentiful and are also used for Sniper Rifles, which I find to be a better option. The Hand Cannon has a slow firing rate, and is affected pretty heavily by bloom, making it worst in class in my opinion.

The standard pistol is serviceable early game, but that’s about it. You’ll definitely want to replace it as soon as you can. The Suppressed Pistol is very good, especially in the early game, as the fast firing rate and good damage can easily KO players quickly. You can also use it to break walls before switching to a more powerful weapon to surprise someone. Despite being a pretty good weapon overall, it isn’t final circle material, so you should look to replace it starting in the mid-game.

The Six-Shooter, which is the newest addition to the Pistol class, is very good, but not easy to use, as you’ll need good accuracy to use it. Like the now Vaulted Revolver, firing rate is pretty slow when you’re aiming, but it fires very fast when you shoot at the hip. This one requires a lot of practice to master and isn’t the best end-game option out there.

Dual Pistols are the final weapon in the class, and arguably the best. Great damage, good firing rate, and is a good option close or mid-range. Another positive to using Dual Pistols, is the fact that it is a burst weapon that fires two bullets. Say for example you’ve got a player cornered and they are starving you off with structure walls. If you weaken the wall first (Say with your resource harvester), and get the wall to within one bullet destruction range, the second bullet fired will hit your enemy and finish them off. The Dual Pistols are quite underrated and the fact that they are a Burst weapon makes a lot of people shy away from them, since more accuracy is required to make best use of them.

Now that we have gone over the weapon categories and their advantages and disadvantages, let’s talk about full weapon load outs. Generally speaking, the ideal load out is a shotgun, an assault rifle, and an SMG. The Double Shotgun strategy was neutered last season and replaced with the Shotgun to SMG strategy. Assault rifles are inferior to SMGs and Shotguns close range, but are still useable, plus provide the double function as a long range option. Skilled players can use an Assault Rifle instead of a Sniper which frees up an inventory slot for utility and healing items.

At least one slot in your load out, should be dedicated to a healing item. The Small Shield Potion is the most favored, as it only takes 2 seconds to use and ideally, your HP won’t be taking many hits. Not to mention the fact that campfires can be used to heal HP.

The Slurp Juice is arguably the best healing item as it can restore Shield and HP, and also only takes two seconds to use, but it’s also the most risky, since it heals over time like a campfire where as other healing slot items are instant restores.

Bandages are good, but take twice as long to use as Small Shield Potions and Slurp Juices. They are much faster than Med-Kits though, and can heal up to 75 HP, which is usually sufficient enough.

Med-Kits can restore HP to 100, but takes 10 seconds to use. They can be pretty hard to use in final circle situations if you are being pushed or a rush you made went wrong, but are great for early-mid game and when you’re taking a breather. Even if your HP is around 75-80, it’s probably best to use a Med Kit early on, since you might not get the chance to use it end game.

Last but not least, is the Chug Jug, which fully restores HP and Shield, but takes a whopping 15 to use. Just like the Med-Kit, it’s not recommended end-game, since more often than not, you won’t have 15 seconds to yourself. This is not always the case, but keep that in mind. It’s best to use a Chug Jug to top off your Shield and HP, even if it seems like you are wasting it.

Utility items, are where load outs vary the most. Some players have two utility items in their load out, whereas other players have none. Two of these items, the Shockwave Grenade and the Grappler take some skill to use effectively. Skill that a lot of players simply do not have, and as such, these items are dead weight. Both of these items however, possess a ton of value if you know how to use them.

The Shockwave grenade can help you get to high places without using materials, and can also be used to blast enemy players back a significant distance. The Grappler, is excellent for closing the gap, gaining high ground, getting the drop on an enemy, and making a quick getaway. The combo of Grappler + Double-Barrel Shotgun, is considered the best close combat strategy in the game, and the favored strategy of pros.

Grappler have insane value for closing the gap, regaining high ground, or making a getaway. The combo of Double-Barrel Shotgun + Grappler, is considered to be the best close-range strategy in the game.

The Rift-To-Go is a great item for rotating across the map, making an escape, or getting the drop on enemy players. The introduction of redeployment gliders in all game modes has somewhat reduced its’ value for rotational purposes, but it is still a great item.

The last three utility items, are the Boogie Bomb, which forces any player caught in the blast to bust a move for 5 seconds or until they get damaged, and the Port-a-Fort, Port-a-Fortress. All three of these, are heavily situational. The Boogie Bomb is usually just for the lols, and Forts and Fortresses make you a bigger target more than anything. They can be pretty good in Squads and 50v50s, but for Solos, I don’t find them worth an inventory slot.

Your load out is very important if you want to see success in Fortnite, and regardless of what play style you favor, you should always aim to have a balanced load out. Even if you love close combat, don’t use three shotguns. Unless you are doing your best Michael Bay impression, don’t fill your load out with nothing but Explosive weapons. Not matter how good you are, or how good you think you are, don’t get cocky; always take at least one healing item. Tfue may be a Hunting Rifle god, but that doesn’t mean you are.

Utilize tools like the weapons tracker to figure out the exact stats of your weaponry, figure out what you’re good with, and stick to those weapons.

4. Learn to build/edit and when to not build/edit

building in fortnite

Building, is the most unique aspect of Fortnite, and what sets it apart from every other Battle Royale game (No I do not count clones). The best players in the game from the streamers to the pros, all know how to build and if you want to get better at Fortnite, then you need to know how to build too.

One of the primary reasons building is so important, is the high ground. It cannot be stated enough how much of an advantage having the high ground gives you over the vast majority of players in the game.

Another reason knowing how to build is important, is build fights. You won’t be the only player channeling his or her inner Bob the Builder, and fights for the high ground can get pretty intense so you need to know what you’re doing on you’re going to get burned.

Fortnite’s playground, will be your best friend when it comes to learning how to build. Come here by yourself, get all your mats to max, and get to training. Here is where you will want to master the primary building essentials of building ramps, and editing.

When I say ramp, I actually mean two things: double ramps and stairs. A singular ramp is very ineffective when engaging other players or while you are in a build fight, since it means destroying that one structure will knock you out of the sky. Double ramping is when you place two ramps next to each other. It makes it a lot harder to lose your footing and once you get good enough, you should be able to double ramp faster than your enemy can shoot your ramps down.

Double Ramping is the easier to learn and easier to master proper ramp technique. The best ramp to use for engaging or build fights however, is stairs. Unlike ramps which are a single ramp, or double ramps which are two ramps laid next to each other, stairs are a ramp, floor and a wall placed in rapid succession. This takes keeping yourself from losing your footing to the next level as now enemies have to destroy three structure placements instead of 3.

The thing to keep in mind, is that all three of these techniques have their uses and in some situations are better than the others. For example, if you are by yourself in an area and are just trying to reach the top of a building or a hill, there’s no reason to waste mats by building double ramps or stairs when a single ramp will suffice. Sometimes, double ramps are more effective at cutting off an enemy trying to gain the high ground because they are faster to build than stairs.

Knowing what ramp is best to use in a given situation, is the next step towards becoming a building master, and is something you should learn naturally over time.

The next thing you will want to master, is editing. The most common use of editing that you will see from pros and streamers, is destroying the wall of an enemy’s structure, quickly placing your own wall, and then editing that wall so you can shoot the enemy in the face. This is a very effective tactic, and one that most players can’t defend against, which is why you should master it.

Editing is not without weaknesses however, as it is possible that utilizing the above editing tactic, can actually get you killed. When there is only one building material between you and an enemy, be it a pyramid, wall or floor, said enemy can see you editing. And, they can prepare to defend themselves. There is a slight delay between switching from editing mode to your last used weapon, and that delay can gives skilled players enough time to shoot you before you can shoot them.

Other beneficial uses of editing, include disengagement, and giving yourself a tactical shooting position. If you ever find yourself in over your head in a build fight/engagement and take a serious amount of damage, you can edit your structure to quickly drop down a few levels to create space between you and your opponent. This can give you time to safely heal or even use a Port-o-Rift for a quick escape and or repositioning.

Another effective use of editing, is creating a “window” in your wall. If you don’t like to exposure of firing from the top of a ramp, simply create a window within one of your walls and you’ll be able to pressure enemies without making yourself overly vulnerable. This is also great for taking pot shots at enemies who aren’t aware of your presence. You can hit them, put up a full wall, and the enemy won’t know exactly where in your structure you are.

Once you have mastered the basics, you can bring a friend with you to the playground to help improve your build fighting skills and learn to defend yourself when an enemy boxes you in.

The last part of building that I would like to cover, is overbuilding. Don’t do it. Just like Obi-Wan Kenobi displayed how much of an advantage having the high ground is, he also demonstrated in his fight with Darth Maul, that the high ground isn’t everything. The high ground does not guarantee that you will win a fight and a mindset like that could cause you to become careless and or overconfident. Also keep in mind that there is a huge difference between building to gain or maintain high ground, and building to reach Mount Olympus.

The primary reason high ground is not as big as a deal as it once was is due to Epic Games’ implementation of redeployment in all game modes. Previously this was only a mechanic in limited time game modes such as Soaring 50s’ but now, you can do it in any game mode. So even if you have the high ground, an enemy can easily disengage thus eliminating your high ground advantage.

Another thing to keep in mind is that frequent redeployment has forced the player base to become effective at shooting players out of the sky. If you build too high, then you will be gliding for a significant period of time and for many players, you will be an easy target.

A full disclosure, mastering building and editing is something that you will most certainly want to do if you want to become a top tier Fortnite player, but keep in mind that your building and editing skills will largely be overkill against the average player. Learning to build and edit is important, but not as much as learning how to engage. You won’t always need to quick edit a pyramid, but you will always need to kill people.



The last four tips were to help you improve as a Fortnite player, but this last tip is so you don’t become an even worse Fortnite player.

Under no circumstances whatsoever, should you camp in a match of Fortnite. Camping is the single most effective way to actively deteriorate your skills in this game. Campers do not engage and thus never get better at it. Campers don’t build or edit and thus never get better at either of these core skills. Campers don’t use shockwave grenades or grapplers and thus never can effectively utilize them. Campers don’t fire weapons until the final circle, and thus never master headshotting, accounting for sniper rifle bullet drop, or shotguns’ swapping delay timer.

bush camping in fortnite

Sure, you might get the once in a blue moon victory by popping out of your hidey hole and sniping the last remaining enemy, but there is no satisfaction is winning a Battle Royale that way.

And not only that, but camping pretty much guarantees a loss when it comes down to the last few storm circle shrinks. I have lost count of how many games I have won, because my last opponent was a camper who forgot entirely about the storm circle. End game storms do insane damage per tick, and there’s little defense against it. If you’re a ways away from the safe zone, the game usually ends in three ways:

  1. You die to the storm because your camping spot is too far away from the safe zone
  2. I shoot you in the face while you are making your way to the safe zone and kill you
  3. You build to try to defend yourself from my trying to shoot you in the face and you die to the storm

The moral of the story: Never camp.      

Side Note: There is a huge difference between camping and hunkering down momentarily. Camping is something you should never do, but if you’re ducking in a building to catch your wind, reload all your weapons etc. that’s entirely fine.

6. Conclusion

That about wraps it up for this Fortnite write-up. You’ve been given your best gaming mouse options but for those on a budget and those with PewDiePie money, and we’ve given you a few tips and tricks on how to improve your gameplay and how to keep your skills from deteriorating. The rest is up to you! Keep at it, don’t get discouraged, and you’ll be sporting high kill counts and victory tallies in no time. Happy gaming!