An update to the classic G400S


8 programmable buttons, easy to use switching DPI and sniper button.


Flawless tracking thanks to the innovative Zero Delta and Fusion Engine.

Pricing and Availability

Very easy to find and at a bargain price you can’t resist!

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We Like

Fits any hand size

Great ergonomics

Brilliant button positioning


We Don't Like

No fine tuning options for the weight

Not enough macros

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Review

Logitech G402 Technical Specifications

Measurements: 136 x 72 x 41 mm (L x W x H)
Sensor: Logitech Delta Zero and Fusion Engine
Weight: 144g (mouse with cable), 108g (mouse without cable)
Cable Length: 2.1m

Marketed as the world’s fastest FPS mouse you’ll be hard pushed to find anything wrong with the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury,  if anything it’ll be the personal preference of the feel of the mouse or the lack of customisation for fine tune weighting. With this review we’ll go through how it feels, what features there are and what makes it a contender for being the best FPS gaming mouse around.

Hyperion Fury Mouse Design

Logitech G402An update to the classic G400S shape and the leaner cousin of the G502 Proteus Spectrum, it’s is very comfortable with a sloping mouse profile.  

Adorned with a matt black outer coat with rubberized side grips, your hand will perfectly fit regardless of your hand shape and size and when moving the mouse with your thumb and pinky finger.

The elongated top fits the hand perfectly, regardless of your grip style and there is a small ridge which is just enough to prevent the thumb from sliding down too far disrupting your game.

The base of the mouse also has a slightly bevelled edge allowing for it to not cut into your mouse mat when you inevitably hurl it across the desk.


Logitech G402 ReviewIt has 8 programmable buttons; 2 click buttons on top, 2 thumb buttons, a clickable scroll wheel, a sniper button for one touch DPI switching and also a further 2 buttons for DPI switching between 4 different presets.  

The on-the-fly DPI switching allows ease of switching between 250 DPI to 4000 DPI.  This might not seem like a huge jump compared to some of the larger DPI ranges like the Deathadder which can go up to 10,000 DPI but the majority of gamers won’t use that level of sensitivity and most find that most barely go about 3200 DPI.

Regardless of the DPI you choose you can be sure that it tracks beautifully no matter what you’re doing in-game.

On top of all this you can adjust button macros and program each button independently.


Best FPS Gaming MouseThe Hyperion Fury also offers ultra-fast gaming performance which is wholly down to the Logitech Delta Zero and Fusion Engine to give an unparalleled gaming experience.  All powered by thr 32-bit ARM processor.

This feature enables tracking speeds in excess of 500 Inches Per Second (IPS).  In comparison, high-end mice track at around 300 IPS. Normally Mice are fitted with optical sensors but if you suddenly jerk the movement you’ll find that you lose track of where you are and consistency in-game.  To counteract this rare occurrence with the Fusion Engine the mouse is also fitted with a gyroscope and accelerometer. This means that the mouse can predict, very accurately where it should be and carry on tracking from there.  

All this happens before you even realise that it’s happened and that is the beaty of this mouse, it does everything without you having to think about it.  This is why it’s one of the best FPS mice around to date.

The 1ms report rate (1000 Hz) means that there is no lag between movement to screen.

Price and Availability

At the time of writing the Hyperion Fury gaming mouse is still the leader in it’s class and compared to the price of other high-end gaming mice it’s very temping to try it out.  It’s still very widely available so you’ll have no trouble in getting hold of one too.

Logitech G402 Software Logitech G402 Review Software

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