Still resembles that of the original model


On-board memory and storage macros helps to streamline your gameplay


Up to 16,000 DPI using the Hero sensor

Pricing and Availability

Relatively cheap and good availability

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  • 85% 85%
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We Like

Familiar, comfortable design

PnP mouse but with the ability to connect via the Logitech Hub

One of the cheapest mice from Logitech thats not in their G-series

We Don't Like

Would have been nice to have a slightly different shape

Logitech MX518 Review

Logitech MX518 Technical Specifications

Measurements: 131 x 73 x 43mm (L x W x H)
Sensor: Hero Optical Sensor
Weight: 102g
Cable Length: 7 ft

When it comes to gaming mouse, the Logitech MX518 one of the most sought after and best-regarded gaming mice that is out there. With gaming, you want all of your gaming accessories to be working at their very best without any faults or glitches that could affect your gameplay.

For those who need a run down of the technical side to this gaming mouse, dimensions are 131 x 73 x 43mm. The weight of it is 102g, which is fairly light but carries a bit of weight to help avoid it feeling too cheap. With a 7ft cable length, it’s an appropriate amount to suit most desktop computers. It’s requirements are a Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later, and a USB port. It has a max acceleration of > 40 G2 and a max speed of > 400 IPS3. This makes it one of the best out there in terms of efficiency and its ability to hit the desired point at an impressive speed.

Logitech MX518 Mouse Design

Logitech MX518In regards to its shape, it’s one that still resembles that of the original model. The classic curves that make for a comfortable grip and the glossy sheen on the surface is definitely an upgrade from the distressed design on the original.

The buttons on the mouse are in a much better position to help make it easier to use. The scroll wheel has been pushed back slightly, and the thumb buttons are outlined clearly to not be mistaken. Three slick plastic pads support the bottom of the mouse to help it glide effortlessly on both firm and cloth mouse mats.

Logitech MX518 Features

To help streamline your experience, the MX518 has got onboard storage to help when it comes to sharing it with other people if that’s necessary. Therefore it can help in remembering your preferences if you end up moving to a different device. There are a number of settings that can be accessed through the Logitech Hub to help you program the buttons.

Performance of the MX518

Logitech MX518 ReviewThe CPI sensor has been replaced with a 16,000 CPI HERO sensor. This is a high-efficiency rating optical sensor that makes this gaming mouse one of the best in its class. This mouse is definitely one of the most precise and reliable when you’re throwing it around the mat for gaming purposes.

It’s rated at 400+, and that means it won’t lose track of where the mouse is on the mouse pad. So if you’re someone who gets a little heavy-handed, this is one gaming mouse that’s designed for you in mind.

Price and Availability of the Logietch MX518

And finally, when it comes to pricing, this is certainly one of the best that’s out there, and as a brand that’s been producing computer technology for years, you can guarantee that this will be a gaming accessory worth investing in. The mouse itself is priced at a reasonable cost considering this includes a 2-year warranty, it’s definitely a mouse that’s built to last.

If you want to improve your gaming performance, then it’s definitely one that’s worth buying.

A final note: Although close to my heart I found that the MX518 was way too similar to the old model which I still have sitting proud on my other gaming desk.  The new material and color of the new updated model isn’t enough for me to go out and want to but it.  If I was to buy any other Logitech G-gaming mouse right now it would be the G402 Hyperion Fury.