Technical Specification

Measurements: 66 x 126 x 37 mm (L x W x H)

Sensor: Optical Engine

Weight: 69g (wireless), 75g (wired)


When you hear the term Viper, you’ll probably think about speed, power, and precision. Those attributes are all central features of the Razer Viper gaming mouse, which offers 99.4% accuracy byte after byte.

The 5G optical mouse is built for optimal success on eSports titles. Cheap? No. Value for money? Definitely!


The Viper shares a lot of general design features with other members of the Razer family but instantly grabs the attention due to its relatively compact dimensions. Like a Viper, though, there’s a lot of power contained within the sleek body. It’s lightweight but strong, and ready to spring into action with incredible precision. Its dock is sure to brighten any gaming station too.

In fact, due to its infrared click registration feature, the 5G optical switch delivers an incredible response time0.2 milliseconds. The black mouse features a plastic dip in the middle, just below the two central buttons and scroll wheel. The truly symmetrical design makes it a truly ambidextrous design too while the Razer logo is found on the palm.

Versatility does not compromise the design, though. The use of two thumb buttons on either side of the mouse is a welcome addition too. Crucially, the DPI ‘sniper mode’ button is found on the underside to prevent accidental clicks. Given how infrequent it’s needed in competitive matches, this is ideal.


This eSports-focused gaming mouse is powered by Razer Synapse 3.5, allowing users to configure their setup for right-handed or left-handed gaming. Moreover, eight programmable buttons enable players to prepare for battle with 16 commands due to the secondary functions feature.

The software also enables you to set unique profiles for different titles by using the Chroma RGB colour profiles. The 5G mouse is built to provide long-term gaming, with the wireless version’s battery life lasting for days before running out of juice. At 69g, the Razer Viper proves that bigger isn’t always better.


Whether using the wired or wireless version of the Razer Viper, gamers will be thrilled at the superfast response and lack of lag. Every millisecond counts for eSports players, and this is unquestionably one of the performance features that serious gamers will love regardless of whether it’s FPS, MOBA, or RTS titles.

The precision and control provided by the 16 button commands, symmetrical design, and lightweight body allow users to upgrade their own performance. Gamers that have previously used heavier items may need a few hours to acclimatise. Once they have, though, the performance is solid across the eSports board.

Even if the DPI lowering setting becomes essential, activation can be assigned to another button. Better still, thanks to robust components, the device can provide years of accurate gaming. Click after click after click.

Pricing & Availability

When it first hit the shelves in August 2019, the Razer Viper was somewhat difficult to find. Thankfully, it is now stocked by multiple retailers. It will cost a little more than some, but most true gamers will find it to be a very wise investment indeed.