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DPI and polling rate adjustments


Avago 3310/3360 optical sensors and Huano switches for hard-click fanatics

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Easy to find and an entry level price for a quality piece of kit

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Ultimate Palm Grip Mouse 

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No Frills


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No New Features

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Lacks onboard memory

Zowie have always been a maker of the best quality gaming mice.  In the past they have been seen as a no frills type of mouse when put up against the more complex variety of mice that are around today.  But they were designed to do one job, and one job only, and in that respect they excel in it.

Zowie EC1 Design

Zowie EC1 aFirst looks at the Zowie EC1 and you’ll see a very basic, almost trusted, mouse shape.  There are no jagged edges, no angular design features here.  It’s designed to fit comfortable in the palm of your hand, which it does beautifully, ensuring that you get the best contact throughout your gaming experience.

The mouse is made from a rough plastic, which sounds awful on paper, but great in practice.  This allows for ultimate grip even with oily hands.  Remember that this mouse is design for eSports gamers at its heart and so delivers just what it supposed to.

Features of the Zowie EC1

The Zowie EC1 offers two buttons on the left hand side of the mouse just above where the thumb rests, giving you ease of access to both without needing to strain any digit awkwardly.  Due to a slight ledge below those buttons you won’t be accidentally hitting them with your thumb.  It’s noticeable enough to make a difference but invisible enough to not impact the look, feel and performance of the mouse.

The scroll wheel has the added benefit of glowing a different colour based on what DPI your settings are.  The DPI adjustment itself is a simple button on the base of the mouse so you can’t accidentally change it mid-game.

Zowie EC1 b

Zowie EC1 Performance

Zowie EC1 a ReviewThe optical sensor on the EC1 is the Avago 3310 and uses Huano switches for a hard-click gamers love on its mouse buttons.  The mouse offers a DPI range of 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 to cater for a variety of players needs.

There is also an adjustable report rate from 125Hz to 1000Hz to allow for different levels of responsiveness and the cable length is a generous 2m (6.6ft) so you won’t be tugging at the mouse port anymore.

Price and Availability 

The great thing about this mouse is that it’s a trusted brand and solid performer in all that it gets tasked with.  It’s features (or lack of extras) means that it pretty much outprices every other gaming mouse out there at the time of writing.  It’s easy to get hold of too so there really is nothing to stop you getting this mouse today.

Zowie EC1 b Review

Conclusion: Is the Zowie EC1-a and EC1-b still the ultimate gaming mouse?

Absolutely!  It’s a tried and tested mouse that has stood the test of time and is still used in all major E-sporting events today by some of the biggest names.